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'V Style is dedicated to provide excellent products and services for client in search of health and beauty solutions.'


C.H.O. is a French brand founded in 2008 by Madame Béatrice Dubois, the company and its’ factory are both located in Grasse France, a beautiful city in the south of France. C.H.O. was the first French Nature and Organic brand with Natrue Label ( The highest standard in the organic industry worldwide). In 2013 various of its’ products were elected by ‘ L'observatoire des cosmétiques’ into the “Guide of the Best Cosmetics 2013-2014’’ in France. And we promise you that we will continue to surprise the market with the quality and passion as in our philosophe!



C. H. O. (spell C-H-O) CHO represents life above all, and the three basic elements : 


Le Carbon : mémory, our skin, our face, our gestures and experience, and also the oldest and most respected elements provided to us by Nature. 


L’Hydrogen : energy, the energy in our movements, our skincare, our soothing and energy-giving caresses … protective, energizing and stimulating. 


L’Oxygen : life, without oxygen there would be no life, no breath. It is the crucial, life-giving element for regeneration.. 


Here are the three fundamentals that have led to the development of this range:


  • Active agents that have been recognized and respected for ever : « ONLY NATURAL COSMETICS » from plant-based raw materials selected in line with one essential criterion: the best quality. 

  • Authentic formulae, revamped in our laboratory. All research, design and production is under the control of our factory. We are proud to be natural cosmetic artisans. . 

  • The culture of beauty rituals : Simple routines, easily incorporated into your daily beauty ritual, which reinforce and back up the effectiveness of our products. Adopt the C.H.O. dialogue technique, which puts us back in touch with our bodies and our true selves. 



We believe that to be the guarantor of the quality of our products we master these products from creation to sale. 

That is: 

1. We create our formulas in our laboratory 

2. We make our own supplies to check for ourselves the origins of our raw materials. 

3. We have established a production simple and effective , which allows us to produce small quantities of our products and treat the product as "fresh". Our production volume is small, which allows us to provide the care needed for each product. 

4. Our bacteriology laboratory control all our productions. We set up collaborations with other research laboratories. 

5. We have chosen to distribute our products as among specialists of beauty : spa, beauty, beautiful perfume, so the client can benefit from their advice . And of course the web for what we are sold on our website. 


Whole products are designed according to the same way : 

A selection of raw materials of exceptional quality Oils, butters and floral waters from organic agriculture 

The use of ultra pure water 

Very high quality essential oils 

Attractive packaging 


Triple will : 

Guarantee that our products are free of : 


PERFUME (except those derived from essential oils) 







Use the gentlest, most natural preservatives possible.

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