Moisturizing radiance mask

Moisturizing radiance mask


This is a clay rich in calcium, magnesium and sodium, which im-proves the permeability of the skin corneum, thus ensuring better penetra-tion of the active ingredients: essential oils, fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Bentonite promotes hydration of the epidermis.

Argan oil:

Known as ‘The Oil of 100 Virtues’, argan oil is a true beauty elixir. Berber women have passed down this beauty secret and its capabilities from generation to generation. Argan oil is ideal for combating skin dryness. It softens the epidermis and helps prevent skin ageing caused by extreme weather conditions (sun, wind, cold, etc.) Hyaluronic acid has a valued character-istic: absorbency. This means it attracts and retains moisture like a sponge, and thereby helps to preserve the skin’s volume and suppleness.
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    CHO-005 75ML