Moisturizing Body Milk  Morning Use

Moisturizing Body Milk Morning Use

A silky-textured, moisturizing body milk with the delicate floral perfume stimulating effect of Ylang-Ylang and the toning and softening properties of Sesame oil. It penetrates your skin quickly, leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Active ingredients:

Apricot kernel oil with high levels of polyunsaturated acid, rejuvenates tones, nourishes and softens your skin and can help to delay skin ageing.

Sesame oil is rich in essential fatty acids which provide moisturizing, restructuring and softening properties, an antioxidant helps protect the skin again UV rays.

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is Malay for ‘Flower of flowers’. This essential oil possesses calming, anti-stress properties. It helps to balance sebum levels equally well in dry or oily skin.

Place a dab of body milk on your hands, rub of both hands together to warm the body milk slightly and inhale the fragrance deeply. Gently press your hands to your skin.
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    CHO-006 250ML