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Light legs Massage Oil

Light legs Massage Oil

Juniper, Cypress & Geranium Massage Oil - Against Heavy Leg(Huile de massage jambs légères au genevrier, cypress et géranium 500ml)

Active ingredients:
Argan oil is ideal for combating skin dryness. It softens the epidermis and helps prevent skin ageing caused by extreme weather conditions.

Sunflower oil is very rich in vitamin E and F. It is nourishing, soothing and non-comedogenic. It leaves no oily film on the skin because it is absorbed very quickly.

Juniper essential oil promotes weight loss, reduces water retention in fighting against cellulite.

Cypress essential oil is known for its circulatory properties, it helps to relieve the veins, helps blood circulation and provides an effective light legs.

Geranium essential oil was selected for its healing action. It also serves to boost the effects of other essential oils and has a pleasant fragrance. It is cellular regenerative (anti-wrinkle) properties and its beneficial effect on acne and spots.
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    CHO-043 500ML
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