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A first moisturizing and regulating cream for combination and sensitive skin prone to imperfections. This non-greasy and non-comedogenic cream penetrates instantly, purifies the skin, soothes redness and leaves a matte finish. The skin texture is finer, smoother, softer.


Cream suitable for young adults.


The skin is constantly stressed by external aggressions (wind, cold, pollution) and internal aggressions (stress, anger, discomfort, hormonal changes). This is manifested by redness, overproduction of sebum to protect itself or, on the contrary, sometimes dryness in certain areas. It is therefore important to protect, regulate and soothe your skin as soon as you enter adulthood.


We wanted to create a first moisturizer that responds to the problems of young skin and combination and sensitive skin: loss of hydration, imperfections, shine.


You will find in this cream:

~~ Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) for surface hydration and protection

~~ Macadamia and sesame vegetable oil to moisturize and soften

~~ Black cumin vegetable oil to purify

~~ St. John's wort vegetable oil to soothe and relieve inflammation

~~ Petit grain bigarade and geranium essential oil to regulate

~~ Lavender essential oil to purify and soothe

~~ Ho wood essential oil to purify

~~ Bentonite to mattify


A very complete and effective cream for combination and sensitive skin. Cream suitable for young adult. 


Capacity: 50mL

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