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100% active ingredients to nourish, regenerate and hydrate the skin. This organic oil is the most nourishing that we have, it is suitable for dry and mature skin to fight against the signs of aging and provide maximum comfort.


This beauty oil nourishes, regenerates and hydrates the skin. It unifies the complexion and provides protection against external aggressions.


It is ideal all year round for dry skin and mature skin that needs to be strongly nourished and protected to keep all its radiance and fight against the signs of aging.


In winter, we also recommend it for normal skin that feels tight in cold weather.


In its composition, we find jojoba oil, it constitutes in itself a real protection against external aggressions. Hemp and argan oil fight against skin aging. The essential oil of damask rose acts on micro-circulation and softens the skin. Patchouli essential oil, arguably one of the best essential oils for the skin, helps strengthen the skin's protective barrier by ensuring excellent cell regeneration.


Perfect for dry skin and the first wrinkles. This oils penetrate very quickly and do not leave a greasy film.


Volume: 30 mL


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    CHO-010 15ML

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