Beauty oil combination and oily skin

Beauty oil combination and oily skin

We chose for you the best of essential oils. Apply rather in the evening to answer the specific needs of an oily skin: enlarged and blocked pores, shiny skin. 

Active ingredients:
Geranium essential oil serves to boost the effects of other essential oils, is widely used in cosmetics, notably for its cellular regenerative (anti-wrinkle) properties and beneficial effect on acne and spots.

Tea Tree essential oil is very well known for its antiseptic properties in traditional Australian bush medicine.

Palmarosa essential oil helps stimulate the circulation. It is astringent and moisturizing, an effective cellular stimulant and skin toner.

Place one or two drops of oil on your palms, rub two seconds the palms of both hands together slightly and inhale the fragrance deeply. Apply the oil to your face using both hands. Gently press your hands to your skin.